‘The stories will resonate with you long after finishing’ 
Avril Joy, Costa Short Story Award winner 

‘F.C. Malby is one of those writers who makes you sit up and pay attention. She’s a natural storyteller, a gifted wordsmith, and fearless in taking her imagination to the dark side when the story requires it.’ 
Dan Coxon, fiction editor, Litro Magazine 

‘Malby’s writing is restrained, understated and elegant. Her shorter fiction pieces are stunning, creating a sense of beauty and poignancy in just a few hundred words.’ 
Maureen Scott, CEO, Ether Books 

‘Deeply moving and attuned to the subtleties of human relationships, F.C. Malby’s stories make us realise we’re only one step away from a completely different world.’
Ashley Stokes, editorial director and short fiction editor, Unthank Books 

Hearing Voices collects some of the best writing to have passed through the pages of the magazine during the ten years of its existence, and some of the most exciting authors to have graced its pages. From acclaimed writers like Pulitzer prize winner, Anthony Doerr, Chloe Aridjis, Kate Williams to newcomers who have yet to make their name, these stories represent some of the most vibrant voices on the literary scene.

'Fast establishing itself in the literary landscape, Litro is a journal with voltage and panache.' Tom Vowler, author of What Lies Within and That Dark Remembered Day

'I love Litro; it s super cool, and the benchmark for excellent short fiction.' Emma Jane Unsworth, winner of the Betty Trask Award and author of Animals and Hungry, the Stars and Everything

Imagine a world where your every move is monitored, every contact scrutinised; a world where your mail arrives mysteriously opened and your movement restricted. What would you do if there was a knock at the door in the early hours of the morning and you knew that you would be faced with the secret police? Imagine being imprisoned for believing in freedom of speech, risking losing everything: your job, your family, your life. What would you do to secure your own freedom?

'Recommended as the novel for the coming year.'

'Great insight into the human condition and subtlety shown in her writing. Get it and read it!'

'Malby navigates these difficult waters with ease. Brilliantly done.'

'Totally captivates from start to finish.'

'Wonderfully addictive book with beautiful characterisation and imagery.'

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Take Me to the Castle

A compelling yet quietly unsettling short story of expectations, loss and memories. A young girl who shares wisdom and stones brings to light the complexities of a man's life and final decisions.

'Qualitatively speaking, the tone of this story was wonderful. The depiction of the little girl is downright spooky and the visual impression she makes on the reader is indelible.'

'One can anticipate rife and vigorous discussion if you choose to read this one in a book club... A very solid and well-crafted story.'

Book Blog Review

This short story, set in India, reveals the hidden tension in the mind of a young boy as he has to let go of the girl he loves for an unknown young bride, chosen by his parents. But as the wedding day approaches, will he be able to follow his parents' wishes in the face of his passion and quiet desperation?

'It takes a great talent to drag me in so quickly.'

'Wonderful prose that paints 
a picture with words.''

'This short story was so beautifully written.'

A caged bird, an aging mother and a family loss that no one will talk about. This short story delves into the pain and longings of a girl caring for her mother with an insight into the world through her unspoken wishes.

'What an exquistely beautifully told story. It's a treasure, pure poetry.'

'Bird is beautifully written. The prose flows.'

'Malby deserves extra credits for seizing a difficult subject and then examining its complexity and ambiguity. I rarely give any writer five stars, but this story deserves them all.'

'I found this short story to be one of the best I have read. F. C. Malby is an amazing writer.'