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Prolific, Pens of the Earth, November 2020

Competition Runner up in the Lunate Fiction Flash Prize, judged by Steve Campbell (EllipsisZine Editor)

“We were absolutely staggered by the quality of the writing by the four runners-up. Each one a micro marvel. Thank you all and take a bow. Competition was fierce this month so a huge congratulations to everyone on the list.Lunate

Recent Journal Publications

In No Particular Order, Fully Lit Magazine, September 2020

Grammy Would Never Be Back, Fully Lit Magazine, September 2020

Circling the Nasturtiums, Anti Heroin Chic, August 2020

“Our new issue is now live! So much gratitude to the wonderful, resilient voices gathered here. You have all brought a very special wordlight to the road we’re on. From our hearts to yours, thank you for sharing your strength, wisdom & hope with us.” Anti Heroin Chic

A Place of Unfinished Sentences, Lunate Fiction, August 2020

“Your use of narrative voice is exceptional in this piece, as is your careful use of minor detail which draws the reader’s attention and acts almost as a smoke-screen for the wider picture. It is a remarkable flash fiction. It is a rich and complex story, one that requires focus and attention from a reader in order to bring out the full story, and even then, as the title suggests, we are not given all the pieces of the puzzle!” Lunate

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