‘It takes great talent to drag me in so quickly.’

‘Malby’s writing is restrained, understated and elegant.’

‘Deeply moving and attuned to the subtleties of human relationships.’

‘This is minimalist writing at its best.’



Dead Drop … coming soon

This fast-paced, intelligent thriller exposes the undercover world of art heists and takes us on a journey through Vienna’s galleries and museums until skilled art thief, Leisl, comes up against a truth that makes her question everything she knows.

Linen Press, will be publishing my second novel, Dead Drop in 2022. Read more on the blog.


In Defence of Pseudoscience: Reflex Fiction Volume Five

(Reflex Press, 28 July 2022)

You Fold Yourself into Tiny Spaces, Longlisted in the Reflex Press Quarterly International Flash Competition, has been published in the Reflex Press Anthology, In Defence of Pseudoscience: Reflex Fiction Volume Five, Reflex Press, 28th July 2022, available from Reflex Press.


Red, Roi Fainéant Press, Aug 2022

A Chink in the Window, Morning Fruit Magazine, July 2022

Wild Swimming, The South Shore Review, Issue 6, National Flash Fiction Day Issue, June 2022