Take Me to the Castle

Winner of The People’s Book Awards

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Imagine a world where your every move is monitored, every contact scrutinised; a world where your mail arrives mysteriously opened and your movement restricted. What would you do if there was a knock at the door in the early hours of the morning and you knew that you would be faced with the secret police? Imagine being imprisoned for believing in freedom of speech, risking losing everything: your job, your family, your life.

What would you do to secure your own freedom?

This is the story of Jana, a young Czech girl navigating her way through a harsh communist regime, who encounters loss, betrayal and fear. Watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on her television screen in Prague, and marching in the crowds of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 with her father, are some of the experiences which shape her life. But how will she deal with the changes once the borders are opened up, and a new life awaits?

‘A wonderfully addictive book with beautiful characterisation and imagery.’

‘Great insight into the human condition and subtlety shown in her writing.’

‘Malby masterfully draws you deep in to their world and their lives, slowly peeling layers off to reveal a masterpiece.’

‘Recommended as the novel for the coming year.’

‘Elaborate interweaving of historical events with personal stories.’

‘Malby navigates these difficult waters with ease. Brilliantly done.’