My Brother was a Kangaroo

‘The stories will resonate with you long after finishing.’ Avril Joy, Costa Short Story Award Winner

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‘FC Malby is one of those writers who makes you sit up and pay attention. She’s a natural storyteller, a gifted wordmith, and fearless in taking her imagination to the dark side when the story requires it.’ Dan Coxon, fiction editor, Litro

‘Deeply moving and attuned to the subtleties of human relationships, FC Malby’s stories make us realise we’re only one step away from a completely different world.’ Ashely Stokes, editorial director and short fiction editor, Unthank Books

‘Malby’s writing is restrained, understated and elegant.’ Maureen Scott, CEO, Ether Books

‘F.C. Malby’s short story collection is a sensual experience. She has the ability to create scenarios, using sights, smells and sounds which transport the reader straight into the depths of her worlds…Malby has a knack for capturing salient moments and bringing them to sumptuous life.’ Shirley Golden, editor, Flash Flood Journal

From a boy searching for his parents in a North African souk to the marketplaces of India; from the hospital bed of a writer who has inexplicably lost his memory to a small girl who gives stones to a man on a park bench; and from Freud’s couch in Vienna to the mythical sirens, this collection will stir your senses and take you on a journey around the globe. It explores the intricacies of human nature and the complex ways in which people respond to pressure, change and loss.