Stories published in print anthologies

You Fold Yourself into Tiny Spaces, In Defence of Pseudoscience: Reflex Fiction Volume Five, Reflex Press, July 2022

Lines in the Sand, Unthology 8, Unthank Books, Jan 2016

Clipboards and White, Hearing Voices: Litro Anthology of New Fiction, Kingston University Press, June 2015

Clipboards and White, Transatlantic: The Litro Anthology, Ocean Media Books Ltd., October, 2014

Journal Publications

Red, Roi Fainéant Press, Aug 2022

Wild Swimming, The South Shore Review, Issue 6, National Flash Fiction Day Issue, June 2022

Holding on to Life, Spillwords Press, August 2021

This is the Year I Learn to Float, Flash Flood Journal, June 2021 (Special Publication for the 10th Anniversary of National Flash Fiction Day)

You Fold Yourself into Tiny Spaces, Reflex Press, June 2021, Longlisted, Reflex Press Quarterly International Flash Competition, Spring 2021

Small Sounds Ricochet Through the Darkness, Idle Ink, June 2021

Sacred Halos, Medium, May 2021

You Can Still Smell the Ashes, Orange Blush Zine, April 2021

Prolific, Pens of the Earth, November 2020

In No Particular Order, Fully Lit Magazine, September 2020

Grammy Would Never Be Back, Fully Lit Magazine, September 2020

Circling the Nasturtiums, Anti Heroin Chic, August 2020

A Place of Unfinished Sentences, Lunate Fiction, August 2020

Men Fondle Juliet’s Breast, Shortlisted, Lunate Fiction Flash Prize

You Bruise Easily, Spillwords Press, July 2020, Non Poetry Publication of the Year nomination, Spillwords Press Awards 2021

Do You See Me Coming? Burnt Breakfast Magazine, July 2020

Someone Once Told Me That Delia Is Outdated, Reflex Fiction, May 2020

Smoke Rises, The Cabinet of Heed Issue Twenty-Nine, Feb 2020

Always Meet in a Public Space, The Cabinet of Heed Issue Twenty, May 2019

C.L.A.R.A., Virtualzine, April 2019

Don’t You Go Looking at Other Men, Mystery Tribune, March 2019

Papa Wouldn’t Look at Mama, Mystery Tribune, March 2019

Burgundy, Shortlisted, Ad Hoc Fiction, February 2019

Headlights, Anti-Heroin Chic, February 2019

Is He?, Mojave Heart Journal, February 2019

Lavender, Synaeresis Issue 5, January 2019

You Listen to the Sound of Gulls, EllipsisZine, December 2018

Your House is too Small, Spillwords, November 2018

Trinket, 121 Words, September 2018

Friend, Who Writes Short Shorts, August 2018

I Wonder about the Gun, Shortlisted, The Biffy 50 Microfiction Contest, TSS Publishing, 2018

Balancing on my Suitcase, Featured Story, Train Lit Mag, 2017

Don’t Let Her Out of Sight, Spelk Fiction, November 2017

Slush Pile, The Drabble, October 2017

Red Beret, Friday Flash Fiction, August 2017

An Invisible Force, Ellipsis Zine, October 2017

Seen It Before, Fictive Dream, July 2017

Rock Pools, Vending Machine Press, January 2017

It’s Dorothy, Flash Fiction Magazine, September 2016

A Question in a Gallery, Spontaneity Issue 5, 2014

Sirens, Flash Fiction Magazine, August 2014

My Brother Was a Kangaroo, Paragraph Planet, August 2014

Clipboards and White, Winner, Litro Environmental Disaster Flash Fiction competition, Litro Magazine, July 2014  

North Norfolk Coast, 1000 Words, July 2014

(Un)Wanted, Longlisted, The New Writer Magazine Prose and Poetry Prizes, 2013

I.P., Flash Flood Journal for National Flash Fiction Day, April 2013

Tomatoes and Thicket, Ether Books 2013

The Pockets of Life, Ether Books 2013

You Don’t Use Your Ears to Appreciate Art, Ether Books 2013 

A Friend of Uncle’s, Ether Books 2013

Whisky, Ether Books 2013

Confessional, Ether Books 2013

The Edge of Wandsworth Common, Ether Books 2013

Berggasse 19, The Puffin Review 2013