Writing, Flash Nano and a New Year’s Day Walk

A Happy New Year to you all, despite circumstances and the year that we have been through. It’s been challenging and very different. I thought I would begin by sharing some photos that I took on a walk yesterday, and by sharing some musings on writing and bring some hope for 2021.

Winter can look bleak when everything seems to die back and colours fade,

even though the shape and form of things can look striking,

but we know that spring is around the corner, and that colour will return and new growth will burst into life.

We know this because we know the seasons.

Not everything regrows and it will look different, but there will be beauty.

2020 was unknown and so much felt as though it had been lost and the colours faded.

There was so much change and it was all unknown, but 2021 will bring new life, just like the seasons.

The colours will return and there will be new growth. It won’t look the same, but all the new shoots will have overcome the challenges of winter.

In November of 2020 I began writing with a friend online twice a week, and I took up the challenge of Flash Nano (a branch of National Novel Writing Month).

It was incredibly motivating to have both the support and discipline of meeting with my writing buddy, and the focus of writing a piece of flash each day, often with the use of a writing prompt.

I wrote some of the shortest and longest pieces I have ever written and pushed myself to write around new topics in new styles. It was liberating and inspiring. Had it not been for the pandemic, and subsequently less meetings, I may not have started writing with my friend, and I might not have had the same focus to achieve a month of targeted writing.

I look forward to sharing some of these with you in my next collection. For now, I want to wish you health and happiness for 2021. Stay strong and keep going.

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