My first four poems have just been published with Unpublishable Zine. These are my first poetry publications, which is exciting. You can read them all here, or read one below. I have a forthcoming podcast reading with the same journal.

Swirls of Blues and Yellows

The clouds swirl
with blues and
yellows, the stars
mingling with the
night sky, rolling like
balls of fire over the
hills of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
The scene is a dizzy

fusion of lines
and Catherine
Wheels of colour. The
houses sit quietly,

waiting for sunrise. The
streets, empty, the homes
quiet. The bustle of
the day is behind and

it is impossible to
know what lies
ahead. For now,
the homes are at rest,

while the sky scrambles
over the hills, sweeping
its balls of fire, into
another galaxy.

I’ll a link to the podcast when it is released. I hope everybody is well and has been able to find solace in reading, writing, or something creative….gardening or painting. Let me know what you’ve been up to or what you think of the poetry.

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