Blogging as a Writer: Why It’s Worthwhile and How to Build Up Over Time

WordPress sent me a notification this week to say that I’d published 200 posts, and they think this is worth celebrating. 200 posts! It sounds a lot, but it’s been built up over time, much like the rest of my writing.

Sometimes the task of writing a novel or putting a short story, flash fiction or poetry collection together feels vast, but these are all built up over time. Writing steadily over the months and years will help you to reach your goals.

I began blogging in 2012, before the release of my debut novel, Take Me to the Castle. It was a great way of connecting with readers and honing my skills as a writing.

The posts have been a mix of author interviews, posts about the craft of writing and personal writing news, although most of this is sent out in a newsletter.

So, why write a blog as an author? Some feel it’s a waste of writing time, but here are the benefits:

1. It builds your audience and connects you with readers, and other authors. There are many authors who follow my blog who have cheered me on, and vice versus. People can follow your blog and sign up to your mailing list. Your list will grow over time.

2. It keeps you writing regularly and forms a vital habit, especially of you are writing non-fiction. For fiction writers it’s good to switch gears, although you can also post some of your work. I’ve chosen not publish my work until it has been published in a magazine or journal, but some authors post snippets as they work on their manuscript, so that readers get a taster.

3. You get to meet some wonderful authors and editors along the way. I’ve interviewed Matt Haig and S.J. Watson, as well as short story authors and poets. I have also interviewed journal editors, which promotes their journals and gives new writers an idea of how to submit, and what editors are looking for.

4. It’s a great addition to an author website. When readers enter your website, they can find out more about you through your blog. I’ve often had interesting chats with people in the comments on blog posts and have met readers that way.

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