Author Interview with SJ Watson

You previously worked for the NHS, what did it take for you to move into the arena of writing, and can you tell us about your journey? It was a long-ish process of realising that I would never be truly fulfilled while my writing was taking second place to my NHS career. As I got … Continue reading Author Interview with SJ Watson

A Library Snapshot

I have been reading a mixture of books recently and many of them are too good not to share, so I'd like to dip into each one and give you a glimpse of what makes the books stand out in a crowded bookshelf. I haven't finished all of them so these are just outlines and … Continue reading A Library Snapshot

Book Release: ‘Take Me to the Castle’ by F.C. Malby

Today is the release of my debut novel, 'Take Me to the Castle.' You can buy it on Amazon in paperback and on kindle. It can also be ordered in bookstores from January 2013. Thank you for following my blog so far and I am enjoying your comments and your own posts. I wanted to … Continue reading Book Release: ‘Take Me to the Castle’ by F.C. Malby