Kurt Vonnegut and the Myth of Talent

In over 50 years Kurt Vonnegut published fourteen novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five works of nonfiction, with further work published posthumously. He is most well know for writing Slaughterhouse-Five, which was published in 1969. He had an interesting story about ability the myth of talent... “When I was 15, I spent … Continue reading Kurt Vonnegut and the Myth of Talent

Shortlisted in Lunate Fiction Flash Prize and two more publications

I discovered yesterday that my story has been shortlisted for the Lunate Fiction Flash Prize, judged by EllipsisZine Editor, Steve Campbell. Very exciting news! And two new flash fiction publications.

Speaking at a Book Group

This morning I spoke at a book group meeting. The members of the group had read my debut novel, Take Me to the Castle, and they invited me to come and speak. They wanted to discuss the writing process and the background to the book. It was an interesting experience for me as an author … Continue reading Speaking at a Book Group

How Art Can Save Your Soul

I have often wondered what it is about certain books that resonates with the reader. There are certain books that, no matter how much time passes, still hold a place in your mind - books that stand out as sharing something powerful, books that heal, books that tap into a fear or a passion. What … Continue reading How Art Can Save Your Soul

What Can You Learn From Writing Blogs?

There are many writing blogs with an array of articles on different aspects of the craft of writing. I read a range of them and have learned a great deal about writing, publishing, editing and much more. The writing blog WRITE TO DONE is searching for the Top 10 Blogs for Writers in 2013.  Edited by Mary Jaksch, Write to Done posts … Continue reading What Can You Learn From Writing Blogs?