Breaking The Rules

Poet and short story author, Alison Lock, talks to us today about the process of writing short stories and breaking the rules. 'In contemporary fiction, technique is, on the whole, more self-conscious than ever before.' - John Gardner in The Art of Fiction. I would argue that this self-consciousness is more evident in the short story, … Continue reading Breaking The Rules

Two New Short Story Publications

It has been encouraging to receive such a positive response to my first published short story, The Bench. Take Me to the Castle is continuing to sell well, both in paperback and eBook formats. Several readers have been asking when the next short story will be released. I am pleased to announce the publication of two short stories: … Continue reading Two New Short Story Publications

Short Story Publications

This is just a short post with some news, written mainly because of several messages I have had from people about short story writing.  I am hearing from an increasing number of authors who enjoy writing novels, but feel intimidated by short stories, or worry that the form is so different that it would be … Continue reading Short Story Publications

What Poetry Teaches Us about Writing Prose

I took a poetry class to fulfill one of my workshop requirements for my master’s in Writing and Publishing. Although I didn’t have much prior experience with poetry beyond some teenage scribbles, I discovered a new way of playing with language. And in the process, I also realized that writing poetry helped me to create … Continue reading What Poetry Teaches Us about Writing Prose

5 Ways to Write More Effectively

W.H. Auden's Desk (copyright F.C. Malby) I know there are many lists of 'to to-dos' and 'not-to-dos' for writing and endless amounts of advice, but I just wanted to add a few things which I have found really helpful (some of them dietary!) Write first thing in the morning if you can. I know that … Continue reading 5 Ways to Write More Effectively